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Lucignolo Limoncello - Veronica Bottle of 100ml

Lucignolo Limoncello - Veronica Bottle of 100ml

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Welcome to the world of Lucignolo Limoncello, where we capture the essence of Italian sunshine in every bottle. Our 100ml Lucignolo Limoncello is a perfect representation of our commitment to tradition, quality, and unforgettable flavour.

Crafted from the globally coveted Sorrento lemons, each bottle of our limoncello encapsulates the aromatic oils and essence of the lemon skin. Faithfully following our time-honoured recipe, we ensure a perfect balance with a consistent 27% alcohol content.

Our 125ml Lucignolo Limoncello offers a unique tasting experience. From the initial taste of soft, elegant citrus to the sweetness of carefully selected sugar, it concludes with the warming hum of alcohol. It's a balanced and refreshing journey through the Italian summer that you'll remember long after the last sip.

This perfectly sized bottle is ideal for personal indulgence or as a thoughtful gift. Whether you want to enjoy it neat, serve it chilled, or mix it into a cocktail, it's a versatile addition to any occasion.

Experience the taste of tradition and innovation with our Lucignolo Limoncello. It's more than just a drink; it's a sip of Italian sunshine that brightens your day. So dive into the world of Lucignolo Limoncello, and let the radiant Italian sunshine warm your heart with every sip.

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