Collection: Lucignolo Limoncello Collection

Step into the aromatic world of the Lucignolo Limoncello Collection—a symphony of citrus in sizes for every scene and season. Handcrafted from the sun-kissed Sorrento lemons, each bottle is a love letter to Italian craftsmanship, preserving the vibrant oils and essence that set our limoncello apart.

Meet our dainty 40ml Mini—your pocket-sized burst of Italian sunshine. Or perhaps you're in the mood for something grander? Our luxurious 0.7L bottle fills the room (and your senses) with the spirit of endless Italian summers. And for everything in between, we’ve got a bottle that’s just right for you.

Committed to tradition, each bottle maintains a perfectly balanced 27% alcohol content. It’s our little guarantee that every sip delivers that joyous jigsaw of refreshing citrus and a cozy, warming kick.

The Lucignolo Limoncello Collection is more than just a drink, it’s your passport to Italian allure. Regardless of the bottle size, each sip is a sunbeam, each aroma a gentle Italian breeze. Dive into our collection and let us fill your moments with a splash of Mediterranean brilliance.