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Welcome to the vibrant world of Lucignolo Limoncello, a world that stretches across the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany! Our limoncello has found its way into over 100 bars and restaurants in these countries, each adding a unique local twist to our Italian essence.

Imagine ending your meal with a dessert that dances with the flavor of our limoncello, or sipping a cocktail that's a liquid homage to Italian sunshine. Intrigued? Scroll through our gallery to meet the passionate people who make these moments possible.

  • Pinna Delicatessen

    A gateway to Italy's finest in Enschede, where the essence of authentic Italian delicacies is beautifully captured and enhanced by the luscious tones of our Lucignolo Limoncello.

  • Trattoria Graziella

    Where traditional Italian fare is artfully paired with the bright and balanced flavors of our Lucignolo Limoncello.

  • Le Bordel Patissier

    Le Bordel Patissier: Indulge in the sweet delights of Le Bordel Patissier, where pastries and desserts pair perfectly with the bright zest of Lucignolo Limoncello. A touch of citrus in every bite!

  • Maris Piper

    Fusing exceptional Dutch cuisine with a hint of Italian sunshine from our Lucignolo Limoncello.

  • Pacific Amsterdam

    Pacific Amsterdam: Experience the lively spirit of the Pacific with a dash of citrus! Our partnership with Pacific Amsterdam brings you vibrant cocktails featuring Lucignolo Limoncello. Cheers to good times!

  • Kapitein Zeppos

    A delightful Dutch dining experience, now with a hint of Italian zest from our Lucignolo Limoncello.

  • Nostro Bar

    A vibrant hub for wine lovers and gourmets, enhancing their Italian experience with our Lucignolo Limoncello.

  • De Koperen Bel

    Where vibrant Dutch pub culture meets the refreshing burst of Italian sunshine in our Lucignolo Limoncello.

  • Doope pizzeria

    Pizza and limoncello, the perfect Italian combo! Doope Pizzeria serves up authentic pizza with a side of Lucignolo Limoncello cocktails. A match made in heaven.

  • Primo Hilversum

    Serving top-tier Italian cuisine, elegantly rounded off with the unforgettable taste of our Lucignolo Limoncello.

  • De Gouden Ton

    An expert in fine wines and spirits, now featuring the gold standard of limoncellos, our Lucignolo Limoncello.

  • Amstel BoatHouse

    Amstel BoatHouse: Sail into a world of relaxation and flavor with Amstel BoatHouse. Our Lucignolo Limoncello, their riverside drinks now have a refreshing citrus twist. Sip back and enjoy!

  • Tovino slijterij

    Explore a wide selection of fine spirits at Tovino Slijterij, where Lucignolo Limoncello stands out for its bold citrus flavor. Your new favorite drink awaits!

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