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Lucignolo Limoncello - Iris Bottle of 250ml

Lucignolo Limoncello - Iris Bottle of 250ml

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Experience the authentic taste of Italian sunshine with our Lucignolo Limoncello Iris. This 250ml bottle of our signature limoncello is a celebration of tradition, quality, and the unforgettable aroma of Sorrento lemons.

Each bottle of Lucignolo Limoncello Iris is a labor of love, infused with the aromatic oils and essence from the skin of the world's finest Sorrento lemons. Crafted using our age-old recipe, it offers a perfect 27% alcohol content that marries the citrusy freshness and the warming alcohol harmoniously.

Every sip of our Limoncello Iris is a journey through Italian tradition. The taste begins with a soft, elegant touch of citrus, followed by the sweetness of carefully selected sugar and finally, the warm hum of alcohol. It's a balanced, refreshing taste that lingers in your memory.

The 250ml bottle is perfect for those intimate moments of indulgence, be it a quiet evening at home or a small gathering with loved ones. Serve it neat, enjoy it chilled, or mix it into a cocktail for a unique taste sensation.

Our Lucignolo Limoncello Iris is more than just a drink; it's a taste of Italian summer captured in a bottle. So go ahead, savor the tradition, enjoy the innovation, and let the radiant sunshine of Italy warm your heart. Welcome to the world of Lucignolo Limoncello.

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