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Lucignolo Limoncello Mini - Gilda bottle of 40ml

Lucignolo Limoncello Mini - Gilda bottle of 40ml

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Indulge in a mini Italian adventure with our Lucignolo Limoncello Mini. This 40ml bottle of our signature limoncello offers a delightful taste of the Italian sunshine, packed into a compact and convenient size.

Crafted from the finest Sorrento lemons, our limoncello is distilled to perfection, capturing the aromatic oils and essence of the lemon skin. With a consistent 27% alcohol content, it offers a beautifully balanced blend of citrusy freshness and the warming embrace of alcohol.

The Lucignolo Limoncello Mini is a bite-sized treat perfect for a personal indulgence or as a thoughtful gift. It's a unique and memorable way to sample the taste of Italian summer, providing a quick escape to the sun-drenched lemon groves of Sorrento. Enjoy it neat, serve it chilled, or add a dash of it to your favorite cocktail for an extra kick of flavor.

This mini bottle is more than just a drink; it's a snapshot of our tradition and innovation. Whether you're new to Lucignolo Limoncello or a long-time lover of our golden elixir, the Lucignolo Limoncello Mini promises a taste experience that's as refreshing as a Mediterranean breeze. So go ahead, savor the sunshine, and let the taste of Lucignolo Limoncello Mini brighten your day.

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