Indulge in luxury with the epitome of sophistication and comfort as we introduce our new partners in the hospitality industry. As Lucignolo Limoncello's footprint extends across Amsterdam's elite landscapes, we proudly collaborate with Amsterdam’s premier 5-star hotels.

Partners in Hospitality

Our signature limoncello is now featured in these exquisite establishments, adding an extra layer of elegance to your stay. Whether it’s a welcoming drink upon arrival, a complimentary limoncello tasting session, or as part of a curated minibar experience, Lucignolo Limoncello infuses your luxurious retreat with an essence of Italian sunshine.

Here's where you can encounter the next level of luxury, harmonized with the unforgettably vibrant taste of Lucignolo Limoncello

Pulitzer Amsterdam

An iconic hotel where classic meets contemporary, Pulitzer Amsterdam proudly serves Lucignolo Limoncello, adding a dash of Italian vibrancy to their eclectic setting.

Pestana Amsterdam Riverside

Revel in a blend of historic architecture and modern amenities at Pestana, and elevate your experience with our sumptuous limoncello served in their signature restaurant.

  • Hotel De L' Europe Amsterdam

    Experience European opulence and impeccable service at De L'Europe. Enjoy our limoncello as part of their gastronomic adventures, where traditional luxury meets contemporary comfort.


🍋 Quick Note:

Find yourself surrounded by sumptuous settings that perfectly complement the high quality and organic essence of our limoncello, produced from the world-renowned lemons of Sorrento, Italy.

As with our culinary partnerships, every hotel in our hospitality network brings its own unique flair to our limoncello, amplifying the diverse experiences that make Lucignolo Limoncello so extraordinary.

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