What makes Lucignolo Limoncello so different than the other ones?

What makes Lucignolo Limoncello so different than the other ones?

How many times our customers asked us : Why is your limoncello so good?  I really don´t like limoncello but this one is so nice.... or : Limoncello has such a strong taste but this one tastes so different,much better than the other ones!!

There are few points that make our limoncello so different than what you can find on the market, let´s start!!

1) The lemon skin,  we always say that there is a difference between lemon skin and lemon powder ,usually when you make millions of bottles per year it´s almost impossible use real lemon skin for such a big production quantity. 

Lucignolo limoncello uses only 100% lemon skin from Sorrento lemons registered as IGP from pianura di Sorrento Italia

2) The alcohol,  usually most of the limoncello have around 30-32% alcohol.

If you go to South of Italy you will find from Sorrento till Sicily a lot of limoncello house´s and everybody making their own brand, but you will see that almost all of them will produce around this alcohol percentage. Our Lucignolo limoncello has 27% alcohol, containing less alcohol, my liquor is soft, elegant and rich of flavour and taste which a lot of people much prefer. 

3) Less sugar

Lucignolo limoncello has 40% less sugar than normal.

Before i made my Lucignolo recipe i made about 75 mistakes before i found my solution.

In the Netherlands the limoncello has a strong alcohol taste or super sweet taste, you can really taste the sugar.

Lucignolo limoncello uses a sugar wich is raffinated for 3 times and is not easy to find on the market, we always try to get the best quality of basis ingredients to make our final product.

4) The alcohol

In the market it´s possible to find a lot of pure alcohol to make limoncello, usually what you need to use is that one that has around 96%.

People don´t know but most of them are so commercial and cheap to make, especially the made in China products wich are very bad for the final results.

Everywhere you can find an alcohol product to make your liquor, but be careful because not everyone are good for this kind of preparation.

Lucignolo limoncello is made with a very high quality alcohol made from grain and cereals from Italy. The alcohol is really important because it will be the basis of our limoncello.

The best one is that one with 96%alcohol used just by patissier.



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