Every week a new Limoncello brand

Every week a new Limoncello brand

In the Netherlands the alcohol industry has a big variety and full of commercial products,based on making money withouth a real quality concept.

Limoncello is a perfect example. 

Did you never ask yourself why all of them win and are the best in all competitions? How is it possible? How come after launching a new brand they are immediatly the best? 

Produce,launch,developing a new limoncello brand includes various steps,the first of them is using a strong selection of high quality, organic lemons. 

The manual way to peel our lemons is a result of an Italian passion and that is something you will never compare with a commercial concept like what you see every day on social media. 

If you´re interested in exploring different limoncello brands,you may find a variety of options on the market with a big social media but it´s always a good idea to inform yourself of what you buy.

Ladies en gentlemans, making limoncello is part of our Italian culture that we get from generations to generations. it should not be a commercial way to make money like what we see everyday.

Sveglia amici e diffidate dalle imitazioni !!!!!


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