Lucignolo Limoncello Spritz

Lucignolo Limoncello  Spritz

The spritz is een Italian drink invented in the 1800´s as a way to water sparkling wine. Carefully´crafted style of cocktail that infused our lemon liqueur,bubbles from the sparkling wine and the soda water. 

The limoncello spritz is a spin on the popular Aperol spritz, this concept has been around the world for hundreds of years. The great think about Lucignolo spritz is that is incredible easy to make. The spritz requires are just a wine glas,the ingredients and asome fresgh garniture.

Stir 200 ml Lucignolo limoncello as basis in the wine glas, fulled up with 400ml of Prosecco wine and finish het with 100 ml sparkling water, gurnished with a fresh piece of lemon of fresh mint. and enjoy!!!

Perfect aperitif as welcome drink with your friends, of for all occasions our Lucignolo spritz is always a must.

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